A fish on the hook

Angling - A fish on the hook

One word to describe angling opportunities in this area should certainly be versatility. Lemvig and its surrounding country offer a wealth of opportunities whether you are an experienced and ambitious angler, or you simply want to test your passion for angling for the first time.

It is possible to fish from a cutter where the chance of catching is great. Take on the challence of fishing from piers or breakwaters along the West coast. Or enjoy the almost destressing calm by fiord, lake, or stream.
Lemvig and Thyborøn Tourist Information is a good place to begin your fishing trip. At the tourist offices, you can get answers to many of your questions along with the obligatory fishing licence.

Guide for angling in the Limfjord

In the angler guidebook “Havørredfiskeri i Limfjorden” (Sea trout angling in the Limfjord) you get a comprehensive list of sea trout-locations in the Limfjord. 101 angling spots with belonging parking spots and detailed descriptions and tips for angling in the Limfjord.