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Welcome to north-western Jutland - Lemvig - Thyborøn

The North Sea and the Limfjord can be as calm as a millpond or wild and rough. However, they are always an experience!
Between the waters, lie the towns of Lemvig and Thyborön with their diverse culture, woodland and a countryside that is not only beautiful but also invites everybody to make use of it.

Official tourism site for Lemvig, Thyborøn, Ferring, Bovbjerg, Trans, Vrist, Vejlby, Vejlby Klit, Fjaltring, Langerhuse and Bøvlingbjerg, Denmark.

Experiences in Northwest Jutland

In Northwest Jutland you will find a plethora of opportunities for you to enjoy life with the ones you care about. Get caught up on all the biggest attractions, future events, and popular activities. 

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Restaurants and shopping

In Northwest Jutland you will find a lot of restaurants, shops, specialty shops, and shopping opportunities. Whether you are searching for decorative art, fashion clothing, or a visit to a cozy café, the opportunities are many. 

Aktiv ferie - mountainbike Klosterheden

Active holiday in Northwest Jutland

The scenery of north-western Jutland encourages activities.