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Research and education

The Climatorium will be a pillar in research and education related to climate challenges involving water.
The purpose of the research projects, that will be established, is to find solutions to challenges. This again will result in products, made by companies, that can create solutions, jobs and disseminate knowledge.
A mini-campus will be established for research and engineering studies under the VIA University. This campus will serve as a pivot of projects in the field of climate, water, energy, environment and circular economy.
High schools will be involved in the Climatorium which will create an interaction between research and learning.
The local utility company, Lemvig Vand og Spildevand A/S, will be involved in the process of defining the climate challenges that the Climatorium will be working with.

Current research projects:
The VUDP project ‘Optimizing filter rinse by means of geophysics’ in collaboration with VIA University College and Aarhus University
The VUDP project ‘Strategic monitoring of cables transmitting satellite data’ in collaboration with VIA University College and Rambøll.


About Climatorium

Lemvig Climatorium is part of the Coast to Coast Climate Challenge (C2C CC) which is a 6-year climate project that runs till the end of 2022.