Kystcentret Thyborøn
in Thyborøn

Kystcentret Thyborøn

Kystcentret Thyborøn offers many indoor activities. Our showroom has the theme of "Sand, water and Knowledge". Learn which forces are shaping the West coast of Jutland, and how man tryes to protect the coast from the, at times, destructive forces. Create waves and currents and understand the theories behind. Visit our reptilian zoo and meet the animals that are typical of the West jutlandic nature. Visit our Bunker and hear the story of the Danish spy, known under the name "The Turtle Spy".

Opening hours 2018

01.01 – 08.02: Closed for the winter
09.02 – 01.07: 10-16
02.07 – 12.08: 10-18
13.08 – 02.09: 10-17
03.09 – 31.10: 10-16
01.11 – 31.12: Closed for the winter

Entrepriser 2018:
Children (3-12 yr.) 99 kr.
Adults 119 kr.
Senior (65 yr.) 109 kr.

2 in 1 ticket to the Kystcentret and JyllandsAkvariet 2018:
Børn (3-12 yr.) 169 kr.
Voksne 199 kr.
Senior (65 yr.) 179 kr.

Your ticket is valid for 7 days.

Yearcard Kystcentret 2018:
Adults 300 kr.
Children 250 kr.
Senior 275 kr.

Kystcentervej 3
7680 Thyborøn
+45 96900200

Kystcentret in Thyborøn

Activities in The Coast Center

Denmark’s biggest rip current simulator
Climb, dip your feet, jump, and splash – have a go at the forces of nature


Giant Coast-playground
Playground with quicksand path, petting zoo, bonfire, sand sculptures, and pond turtles.


The Coast Center’s indoor activities
Reptile zoo, movie theater, remote control boats, and much more.

Blue Flag Center

Blue Flag Center

There are 13 Blue Flag Centers in all of Denmark where you, during the summer, can have nice experiences by the water and learn about the nature.
At the Coast Center in Thyborön it is the surrounding nature that is the theme.