Jernkysten - The Iron Coast

Jernkysten - The Iron Coast

For centuries the North Sea had been feared by seafarers. The sea was merciless in stormy weather and the currents were difficult to judge. Once you were in difficulties, your ship could be broken apart on the sandbanks in no time. Therefore the west coast of Jutland came to be known as The Iron Coast.

The Iron Coast tells the story of the ships that were driven aground on the coast between Thyborøn and Thorsminde, and of the rescuers, foreign seamen, passengers and local dwellers who experienced these dramatic events at first hand.

Explore the Iron Coast

Visit the old rescue stations, see the exhibitions, listen to the stories about the rescure service and the many strandings and wrecks

In the leaflet Oplev Jernkysten” (in Danish) is suggestions to places you should visit if you wish to learn more about the iron coast.

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