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Innovative companies

Water and Climate has a global market of 3000 billion DKK. At Lemvig Climatorium climate-innovative companies, together with other relevant companies, will create a fruitful business environment focused on climate, water, energy and circular economy. This environment will provide opportunities for the companies to interact with research and education.

The companies will commit themselves to become an active part of the showcase of Lemvig Climatorium.

The goal before 2022 is that 10 companies will be part of Lemvig Climatorium which will result in 50 new jobs and the development of at least 6 new products or methods to solve climate challenges.

Lemvig Climatorium has good climate solutions developed already. These solutions will be exported to New Zealand where they are facing similar climate challenges.

About Climatorium

Lemvig Climatorium is part of the Coast to Coast Climate Challenge (C2C CC) which is a 6-year climate project that runs till the end of 2022.