Indulge your taste buds

North-western Jutland is a true larder full of delicious food. The Limfjord next to the towns of Struer and Lemvig is home to the best Limfjord oysters. In the fields, you see cows, pigs, sheep, lamb and goats. We have fruit and vegetables andred deer, not to mention the Vesterhavsosten cheese, to which our farmers supply the milk.

Additionally, the freshest fish is landed in the town of Thyborøn and is enjoyed by the whole country.

You can buy most of the locally sourced produce in the stores in the area. Visit the farm shops to find the freshest produce: meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables.


Go exploring

If you are interested in food production and produce, check the calendar. It tells you when you can join an oyster hunt, visit farmers at their farms in north-western Jutland or perhaps pick the most delicious strawberries of the summer or the juiciest apples of the autumn.

In Thyborøn, you can bid for your dinner at the fish auction. In the summer, it takes place on a Wednesday morning.

During August in Struer, you can experience the largest food festival in north-westernJutland. The Sensory Festival is a feast of local produce for the taste buds, and you can take in the market atmosphere while enjoying a myriad of activities.

Restaurants and Cafés

A wide selection of restaurants and cafés in Lemvig, Struer and the surrounding area. 

Fish Festival in Thyborøn

Fish Festival in Thyborøn

If you are looking for a genuine West Jutlandic event, where the sea, fish, culture and entertainment combine to an unforgettable experience, you should visit the Fish Festival in Thyborøn.