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About Lemvig Climatorium

Lemvig Climatorium is part of the Coast to Coast Climate Challenge (C2C CC) which is a 6-year climate project that runs till the end of 2022. The overall purpose of the collaboration within the C2C CC is to secure assets from the negative consequences of climate changes.

The main purpose of Lemvig Climatorium is to focus on salt water; to collect knowledge about water which is relevant to the trade and industry as well as to tourism and the local population.
Lemvig Klimatorium and the AquaGlobe in Skanderborg are beacon projects that will support the sharing of knowledge in the field of water.
The physical frames of Lemvig Climatorium will be ready at the beginning of 2020. The building will be energy neutral.
The local utility company, Lemvig Vand og Spildevand A/S, is the major player in Lemvig Climatorium.
Phase one: First step is to look into and identify the possibilities and interests for tourism and furthermore to study the potentials for working together with other tourist attractions in the region. Subsequently the concept of Lemvig Climatorium will be defined on the basis of these identifications. The preliminary studies are carried out by Niras, our technical adviser.
Phase two: The physical frames of Lemvig Climatorium will be utilized.