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Cultural attractions

The cultural life of north-western Jutland is both rich and multifarious and creativity is flourishing. You can visit our churches and museums of cultural history and learn more about the history. You can also stop by for a surprise at the art museums, the galleries and all the artisans – we have many of those.

It is clear that the light and nature is good to the art here, and the selection is vast. Like the painter Jens Søndergaard (1895-1957) said when his colleague Niels Bjerre asked him what he strived to achieve in his art: “I do not strive for anything but shedloads of powerful colours”. There is lots of colour and power here.

Arrangements for everyone

Talks in the community centres, perhaps a rock concert at the upper secondary school or how about a lesson in painting in watercolours? 

In the menu Events you can find it all. Check your favourite venue. They are organising lots of events all year round.

Do not miss the annual events in north-western Jutland - read more about the events on this page.