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Feriepartner Vejlby Klit

Feriepartner Vejlby Klit - Holiday Homes in the Vejlby Klit area


Feriepartner Vejlby Klit is an independent, local accommodation agency with offices in Vejlby Klit. The agency offers quality houses for rent in Vejlby Klit, Vrist, Ferring, Bovbjerg, Vinkelhage and Gjellerodde.

Jesper, Kirsten, Anne-Mette and Aksel pride themselves on the personal contact and a high level of service. They know all of their houses – inside and out. They are never far away from the houses, and therefore they are able to help you quickly and efficiently, should you have any questions.

The close connection that they have to the local area means, that they always know what events are happening in the area. So, if you have questions about your holiday, they will have the answers.

Personally they have fallen in love with the beaches in the Vejlby Klit-area. Nothing beats a beautiful day by the wide sandy beaches along the West coast, when the sun is out and the sky is blue.

Jesper, Kirsten, Anne-Mette and Aksel are ready to welcome you on a wonderful holiday by the West coast.

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Vejlby Klit 22B, Vejlby Klit
7673 Harboøre


+45 96640200


+45 28150270


  • Member of

    • Feriehusudlejernes Brancheforening



Longitude : 8.1377999999
Latitude : 56.574074